Work-Life Balance, Top Executives Believe There is a Way

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“You can’t have everything you want, but you can have the things that really matter to you.”

– Marissa Mayer, president and CEO of Yahoo

According to a 2019 article published in The Atlantic, humans should just give up on the chase for work-life balance. Many Americans are overworked, logging in long hours, while coming home to a laundry list of familial obligations. There is no time for joy, personal pursuits, or hobbies. But, we at Valor Global, still believe there is a way to find work-life balance while also being a solid, contributing employee.

Work-Life Balance: Is it possible?

Work-Life balance. It’s the never-ending juggle for many in business regardless of title or position in the company. We’re pushed, pulled, and sometimes even yanked in every which direction. We have obligations, we have needs, and lying at the very bottom of the list, we have wants. So, how do we do it all while still striving to create the balance we all so desperately yearn for?

Balance with Exercise

For many, including Valor Global founder and CEO Simer Mayo and President Tom DePoy, it comes in the form of escape. After a busy and hustling work day, they both find solace in a good gym sesh with their music at full volume. Both Mayo and DePoy enjoy getting away from their obligations – even if only for thirty minute – to decompress and make business decisions without any distractions.  

The Valor Global executive team is on the right track with improving not only work-life balance but their company and people, as well. According to a 2018 Entrepreneur article, there are many scientific reasons why exercising is a competitive advantage. From operating with elite-level memory, developing laser-like focus and attention, boosting creativity and problem-solving skills, as well as exuding executive presence.  In summary, if you’re going to create space for balance, exercise is the way to go.

Balance with Travel

In addition to the gym, CEO Simer Mayo, still balances work with family and travel. With three companies under the familial umbrella, Mayo will jam out work on a plane before spending much needed family time at the beach. Waking up early before the rest of the gang, he’s likely to respond to emails before the sun comes up, while still devoting the rest of the day with loved ones.

Balance with Passion

Tom DePoy uses his weekends to jam out. Quite literally, jam out. With a long-time passion for music, DePoy is known to play gigs with his band, belting all his stresses out with his vocal cords. He’ll find time to strum his guitar in late evenings, mornings, and on the occasional weekend performance.

Balance with Reading

Vice President Matt Johnson also appreciates exercise and his favorite Spotify playlist, but will also incorporate a good book in the mix. Reading helps the VP stay on track and focused in addition to inspiring innovative ideas on leadership and company strategy. And while Johnson likes a good business book, he also finds enjoyment in his favorite fantasy series.

Balance with Mentorship

Like the male members of her executive team, Global Director of Talent Peggi Peaslee balances her very hectic schedule with exercise and outside activities. A long time #girlboss, Peaslee is a proud member of Toastmasters, spending much of her free time inspiring and coaching others to find empowerment and self-confidence through public speaking. And when on deadline, you can find Peaslee cuddled up with her pup Lexi, working vigorously on her laptop while a Boston Red Socks game plays in the background.

Balance with Volunteerism

However, decompression doesn’t always have to be about unpacking your work day, it can also revolve around giving back to your community. Communities Director and Dream Manager, Bernadette Thies, seeks out work-life balance through volunteerism, inviting her significant other and children into the activity. She believes that when making volunteerism a family affair, it can not only bond that family together through experience, but it can also be logged as precious family time.

Inspired by her own joy through stewardship, she invites other Members of the Valor Global team along to also find their work-life balance with family and community.  Thies is a huge advocate for volunteering with friends and family. Amongst the many benefits, a 2018 Psych Central article states that volunteering together can foster empathy, skills development, and networking. In addition, working side by side as a family can provide opportunities for connection and talk.

Work-Life Balance: It is Possible

While there is no one-size fits all to work-life balance, the key to finding your balance is to work for it. Like Valor Global executives, balance comes from making time that brings them small bits of happiness and decompression. Whether this is through exercise, music, travel, reading, mentorship or volunteerism, true work-life balance comes from seeking and creating space for what brings you joy – even if it’s in just for thirty minutes of your day.

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