Valor Global Volunteers: Feeding those in need at The Andre House

Valor Global volunteers gather at the Andre House

Valor continues to give regardless of time or season.

Where Giving Begins

The Andre House was founded by a small group of people in 1984. Gathered together to break bread with soup and coffee, the friends opted to grow their gathering into something much more meaningful. Preparing first on a makeshift table behind a home on Polk Street, the volunteers began preparing their soup in a larger pot to share with the needy. Each night, they would take their hot dinner to downtown Phoenix, soon feeding many their one and only meal of the day.

32 years later, the Andre House has become a full fledged philanthropy. Working hard to create a welcome atmosphere similar to the comforts of home, the Andre House accommodates up to 150 dinner guests in the main dining room. In addition, a smaller room is available to serve those with special needs.

The Dining Experience

With a full service kitchen, the Andre House depends heavily on volunteers to serve 600+ meals per evening. Valor Global employees stepped up to the task, working diligently to chop 50 pounds of onions, 1200 slices of bread, stir two 30-gallon pots of soup, serve the meal, and wash the dishes. A valuable team building experience, the Valorians were more than happy to lend a helping hand.

Following the experience, many employees felt humbled by the experience to help those in need. Many left with a yearning to give back and volunteer even more.

Care for Communities

With a deep Care for Communities, Valor Global is committed to serving those in need. Monthly, a group of employees will donate personal time to volunteer at a local philanthropy. These groups are typically spearheaded by our lovely Communities Director and Dream Manager, Bernadette Thies.

To learn more about our volunteer efforts, please visit our Care for Communities page.