Tablets – are we ready for a change?

When I first saw the iPad, my reaction was that it is a giant iPhone without the ability to make a phone call. Those who already had an iPhone – including me, know what I mean. Or maybe that was just my way of convincing myself that I didn’t need an iPad.  Then I picked one up for the first time and immediately realized the power of the device.  It has become a staple in my daily technology use and in many ways started to replace my laptop, but not entirely.  The question is can Android, iPad or other tablets replace laptops in the workplace? My answer is yes – eventually. 

We are in a great technology transition period. Users are seeking computing experiences that are more interactive, faster and much easier to use.  The tablet meets many of these needs as it is very simple to use, no crashes, fast on/off, better battery life and applications tend to be more efficient than full scale applications.  In fact there are some applications that we are already using to greatly improve our work efficiency.  For example….

Are you still using notepads and pens in your meetings? If so, try OneNoteEverNote or Dropbox with iPad or Android based tablets.  OneNote and EverNote let your create notes on your tablet and then automatically syncs it with your desktop computer and mobile phone.  This allows you to access your notes from anywhere.  Dropbox allows you to access all your important files from any type of device, providing you access to important files from any location.  Imagine no more searching through notebooks for that note you scribed during the meeting you had a week ago.  Just do a quick search of EverNote and you have what you need instantly.  I am sure next version of the application will automatically create and assign tasks for you on your Outlook calendar. Did someone say virtual assistant?

The primary objective of technology is to make our lives better. Technology has no value unless it solves a business problem and is simple to use. Ask my 2 year old son, he was able to put a password on his iPhone Touch. Obviously, he doesn’t remember the password, so he is locked out of his iPhone Touch. As Geico will say– it is so simple even a 2 year old can use it.

25 years ago, Bill Gates had a vision to have a PC in every home. Why? It wasn’t to make Billions – it was because he truly saw the potential computer applications and how they may help educate, entertain and enrich people’s lives. PCs were the right technology for the past twenty years but as we move into this great technology period – we want simple, efficient and valuable technology. Looks like Steve Jobs vision is to replace all those PCs with a tablet.

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