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Care Solutions

Valor provides a variety of call center solutions to help lower your costs while providing a great customer experience and consistent performance.  

Our capabilities include:

  • Customer Care
  • Retention Programs
  • Billing & First Party Collections
  • CSAT & NPS Programs
  • Tech Support, among other customizable solutions.

Our Differentiator: 

Valor is fully vested in your success.   Our culture, values, LEAN and ITIL methodologies provide you access to a global infrastructure and team of over 1,000 employees with enterprise systems and processes without the bureaucracy and red tape; our leadership team is accessible and available.  Our organization prides itself on the ability to remain responsive and flexible to your business needs.  We are a top performer with our clients with a successful track record in outperforming our competition.

Why Valor?   

We build relationships by delivering a personalized experience with your customers wherever they are, via multichannel whether that’s via chat, email, web, social media or a phone call.

Valor provides exceptional Customer Care solutions that allow our clients to build the relationship to improve customer satisfaction, nurture loyalty, and spur revenue growth. Let us help you deliver a personalized, multichannel customer experience that exceeds your customer care and business goals while lowering your service costs.

Our Numbers Matter:  

  • Our industry-leading employee retention and show rates (low attrition and absenteeism) create the culture necessary for success. 
  • We are leaders within NPS and CSAT with every customer we partner with.
  • Through learning and understanding your business, we identify solutions to fully align with your success measurements and improve efficiencies - self-service solutions, automating processes to reduce costs, etc.
  • Our skilled representatives provide the soft-skills required to meet success requirements for the business while providing a great customer experience.
  • Where relevant, we are sensitive to average handle times and seek to reduce by utilizing LEAN methodologies resulting in a lower cost per call for our customer while improving Customer Satisfaction (CSAT).
  • Through ongoing and Continuous Improvement initiatives, a commitment to agent training, client calibration and alignment with our clients, as well as, dedicated quality assurance processes, our teams work to ensure customers are effectively served to leave them happy and satisfied – improved first call resolution (FCR), next call prevention (NCP), conversion rates, etc.


  • Utilities
  • Communications
  • Wireless
  • Financial
  • Cable
  • Medical
  • Biomedical/ Pharmaceutical
  • Manufacturing
  • Media/Advertising
  • Retail & Consumer Goods
  • Legal
  • Travel Services
  • Transportation  & Logistics
  • Non-Profit
  • Government


  • Voice
  • Web
  • Email
  • Chat
  • Social Media
  • Text
  • Bilingual Support
  • 24/7 Support
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