Valor Global Philippines


Site Details


Metro Manila, McKinley West, Bonafacio Global City (BGC), just 15 minutes from Manila Airport.

Technology Redundancy

Fully redundant CSC with multiple secure ISP connectivity to multiple redundant data centers in the US.


Built in 2016, our state-of-the-art facility has 1,200 seats built-out including workstations, computers and technology.

Power Redundancy

Fully redundant power options with Generator and UPS for 100% uptime.

Philippines Outsourcing Benefits

  • The Philippines is the 3rd largest English Speaking Country behind only the USA and the UK

  • As of 2010, Philippines has surpassed India as the preferred outsourcing provider

  • The Philippines exhibits an amazing 97.5% literacy rate in 2013 (92.3% from 2000) that is on par with that of the USA, UK and Canada

  • Philippine universities produce approximately 500,000 graduates each year

  • Due to the Philippines high unemployment rate, Filipino university graduates view working with an offshore BPO company as a long-term, career-enhancing move

  • Labor costs in the Philippines are 50% - 80% lower than in USA