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Cutting edge way to reduce turnover

By Jana Randall | Jun 7, 2019

The T word can strike terror into the heart of any HR executive. That’s right – Turnover. Companies have attempted to stem turnover rates in a variety of traditional ways – comprehensive benefits packages, health care, short- and long-term disability, paid-time off, and 401k plans. At Valor Global, we approach and address turnover by subscribing…

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Our 2019 Summer Reading List

By Jana Randall | May 31, 2019

At Valor Global, we value those that work hard daily to improve themselves and the business. Many of us find inspiration through stories of all genres: fictional and non-fiction, business and memoir, fantasy and self-improvement. This summer, our executives are ready to find inspiration between the pages. We hope you find a title from our…

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Why the Unscripted Experience is the Future of Call Center Solutions

By Jana Randall | May 29, 2019

Imagine this: you’ve just gotten home after a long day at the office, your boss was relentless, traffic was unbearable, the weather wasn’t picture perfect and you got more coffee on your shirt than you did in your blood stream. You’re ready to put the day to bed, get in your pajamas and cuddle up…

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Simer Mayo

Valor Global CEO Nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year

By Jana Randall | May 22, 2019

Simer Mayor, nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year

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Arizona Tech Company Expands Operations, Creates Jobs

By ed | Sep 18, 2018

Arizona-based international call center company Valor Global announced today it is expanding operations in Arizona, creating 1,000 new jobs over the next 12 months. The jobs range from customer care to tech support for several international brands, including a major online streaming provider. The company recently acquired a new 30,000 square foot facility at 13430…

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Valor Attends PlanetOne Tech Tour 2017 – 25th Anniversary

By Mode Effect | Nov 8, 2017

Valor team members joined PlanetOne last week for the last stop on their 2017 Tech Tour in Scottsdale, their hometown, to celebrate their 25th Anniversary with featured keynote speaker Chris “Boomer” Berman. Thank you PlanetOne for a great event and Happy Anniversary!

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Valor Attends Arizona Governor’s Celebration of Innovation

By Mode Effect | Nov 2, 2017

Valor team members attended the Governor’s Celebration of Innovation (GCOI) annual awards gala, honoring technology leaders and innovators from across the state. Exciting to see Governor Ducey attend to support the many companies who make up Arizona’s technology ecosystem and rapidly growing technology community.

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Valor Attends Traversant Event – Building A 21st Century Digital Government

By Mode Effect | Oct 17, 2017

Valor’s David Stevens was among a panel of distinguished state and local leaders sharing their thought leadership on ‘Building A 21st Century Digital Government’ at the annual Arizona Innovation Roundtable hosted by Traversant Group President, Jennifer Woods. The panel and attendees discussed open data, governance, data security and privacy, and delivery of digital services. Attendees…

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Valor Attends Destechaz Innovation & Celebration

By Mode Effect | Oct 13, 2017

10/12 – Valor team members were honored to attend the DesTechAZ and AZTechSummit for an Evening of Innovation & Celebration with special guest Steve “Woz” Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, to discuss the vision of Arizona’s 21st century economy. During the evening, Mr. Wozniak announced the launch of his new digital institute, Woz U, with the…

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