Enterprise-grade IT strategy? No problem.

Expert Advice to Help Align IT with Your Business Goals

To ensure the best value on your IT investments, Valor provides our customers with strategic planning and roadmap services. The premise behind this is simple:

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

At the same time, it is critical that your plan is aligned with business objectives,  updated based on changing business requirements and executed and delivered on time.

Our Process: Align IT with Business Strategy

IT Roadmaps

Our IT Roadmap ensures that the “who”, “what” and “when” are clearly defined to align with the “why.” This helps simplifies the alignment and execution of IT goals with business objectives and allows your leadership team to focus on their core competencies, reducing customer effort and increasing financial gains.

Developing a roadmap helps you:

  • Reach a consensus about a your organizations needs and the technologies required to satisfy those needs
  • Forecast technology deployments
  • Provides a framework to help plan and coordinate technology deployments


Virtual CIO solutions

Strategic Planning

Our strategic services assist CFOs, CIOs and the executive leadership team with the expert guidance and best practices to plan, implement and execute your IT goals. They help you avoid bad IT investments by ensuring your investment takes care of short and long term business objectives. In addition, improperly designed systems can fail catastrophically resulting in financial loss, opportunity loss and PR loss for businesses.

Our Strategic services team consists of seasoned leaders with extensive business and technology experience. Their certifications and education includes MBA, Six Sigma, ISO and other industry leading certifications. While our Strategy Services are customized for your organization’s specific needs, we ensure the strategy is built on best practices, meets compliance standards and utilizes industry leading methodologies to ensure success of your plan.

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