Customer uptime and redundancy is our business.

Cloud Solutions

With the change in economic conditions, businesses don’t have the luxury of unlimited budgets for IT to build, scale and support in-house servers, data centers, staff, and applications. Businesses today need to be agile, flexible and responsive.

Cloud or hosted model can provide a scalable, reliable, redundant model above what companies may be able to afford to build in-house. Additionally, the cloud model can be configured as pay-as-you-go, providing you with scalability as well as the adoption of new technologies rapidly to take advantage of the efficiencies which result in increased bottom line.

Though the benefits of the cloud are plenty, migration to a cloud hosted environment can be disruptive if you don’t have the right businesses partner with the resources to understand the business problem and correctly align your solution to your needs – whether cloud or in-house. Our cloud solutions expertise helps our customers understand the applications and benefits of the cloud and assess cloud readiness and allow them to migrate infrastructure and applications with minimal disruption while providing security, scalability, and affordability.

Our cost-efficient Cloud solutions ensure:

  1. Uptime based on business requirements
  2. Compliance requirements
  3. 24/7 monitoring, support and management
  4. ITIL-based Incident Management and Change Management

How to Select the Right Cloud Solution

To choose the cloud solutions successfully, you must be able to identify business requirements, application, and system uptime and tie investments directly to a business case with a return on investment proposition.


Our Cloud Solutions ensure systems and data are always available.



A shared infrastructure works like a utility: you only pay for what you need, upgrades are automatic and scaling up or down is easy.



Cloud-enabled business applications to be more mobile and collaborative allowing users access anytime anywhere they are.


Cloud allows you to quickly scale up to service new customers and markets while rapidly adopting new technologies to take advantage of the efficiencies they offer.


Microsoft Azure 

Private Cloud

Microsoft Office 365


  • Utilities
  • Communications
  • Wireless
  • Financial
  • Cable
  • Medical
  • Biomedical/ Pharmaceutical
  • Manufacturing
  • Media/Advertising
  • Retail & Consumer Goods
  • Legal
  • Travel Services
  • Transportation  & Logistics
  • Non-Profit
  • Government

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