Is Your Technology Future Cloudy?

With the recent economic downturn, many companies are trying to find ways to decrease IT costs, yet still maintain a highly reliable infrastructure.  Finding the right solution to this problem has become a challenging task. Fortunately, the advent of Cloud computing has made reliability, scalability and lower costs a possibility for most business owners.

Cloud computing allows businesses to own a lot less equipment and yet get a lot more technology. With Cloud based computing your technology resources are housed off-site in highly reliable hosting data centers. All the maintenance, administration and hardware/software updates are performed by your managed IT partner, allowing you to focus on your core business initiatives.

Cloud computing reduces investment in technology and increases the value of investment. With a cloud based service businesses pay a fixed monthly fee for their technology needs.  This includes both your software applications and hardware based systems.  The costs can be based on user counts or company needs.  The flexibility of this subscription-based service ensures that your business only pays for the services you need and use.

Could Computing can benefit your company’s bottom-line in the following ways:

  • Reduce capital expenditures and operational overhead.
  • Provide Scalability and Flexibility similar to a subscription-based or pay-per-use service. Basically you pay for the services you need and use.
  • Increase IT responsiveness and efficiency. 24-7 Service.
  • Reduce the training of new IT personnel.
  • Reduce the cost of Licensing New Software.

As with any technology there are risks and mitigating those risks is a very important element when considering your move to a cloud based model.  The recent catastrophic failure of Amazon’s cloud-hosted Web Services failure last month knocked hundreds of sites off the web. These sites went down due to failure in implementing the key principle design of technology – backup plan for failures. Sites like Netflix were not affected by the outage due to their disaster recovery design.

The most important component in risk management is selecting a technology partner that can ensure proper design, transition and support of your cloud. Valor has been implementing cloud based technologies for over 5 years.  Our executive and technology staff are well trained and versed in the best practices for implementing cloud based solutions.  We have painstaking looked at every step in our transition and support process to ensure that clients data is never lost and their is a backup plan for every outage.

Over the past 5 years, many Valor customers have made the switch to cloud hosted solutions. In 2010, we saved those customers over $2 million in IT spending while improving system availability and up-time.  Call to schedule a Cloud Adoption Assessment to see if the cloud is a good fit for your company.

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