How Outsourcing Your Service Desk Can Help Grow Your Business

In recent years, most businesses have been put through the ringer – finding themselves with employees who are handling multiple functions and struggling to find enough time to accomplish all the goals they need to advance the business to the next level. To further complicate the situation, it can be extremely challenging for small- to mid-sized businesses to find the right people and to staff, train and maintain a dedicated service team.

By hiring an outsourced service desk company to help you manage inbound and outbound customer and employee support calls, web inquiries and chats, as well as other customer touch points, you can free your employees to focus on the most pressing objectives for your business growth.

The equation is simple. By focusing on your core competency, you are doing what your company does best and outsourcing the other non-essential activities to an expert firm that can do what they do best.

Better still, you can avoid the headaches of staffing, training and turnover challenges that accompany managing a service desk while you focus your on better serving your customers with a memorable brand experience.

Get Level 2 or Level 3 Resources to Your Front Line

Hiring an outsourced service desk also eliminates the added expense of hiring and maintaining in-house staff. You only pay for the work done and there is no fixed or up-front expenditures/capital costs required to hire and equip an in-house team. This helps your business allocate those funds to revenue generating activities within the business.

Since most service desk positions are considered entry level, it often means your least experienced employees are the ones interacting most with your customers. For an outsourced employer, those roles are core to their business and employees are retained at and can advance to higher levels in the organization – so you are often getting higher quality employees from the onset.

Leave the Business of Service and Support to That Business

Outsourcing also ensures those employees are trained on best practices and the latest advancements in their field. Your business doesn’t bear training/travel costs to keep employees up-to-date on the latest processes and advancements – all training cost are funded by the outsourced company.

Having higher quality staff that is trained on the latest practices and technology increases your efficiency. Outsourced service desks must stay efficient to prove their value. Often these teams can accomplish the same tasks that may take internal teams weeks and months in just days due to their training and extended support system.

As your business scales over time, your outsourced company can quickly and easily scale with you. You do not shoulder the additional risk that comes from hiring then potentially downsizing if shifts occur in the business. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about covering sick days, vacations and other absences. What’s more, outsourced service desk employees are trained on a variety of technologies so as your technology needs change, you have a team that is already up to date and ready to go.

Are you interested in learning about how the Valor team can help you take the burden out of your service desk operations, save you money and time, and deliver a stellar experience to your customers? Contact us today to find out more.

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