How iCloud Could Effect Your Business

For years now the idea and implementation of cloud computing has been gaining momentum. Many business have been experimenting with different cloud applications, but for the most part company employees were not aware of the concepts of cloud computing. Their expectations of their work systems are often set by their interactions with their home computing environments. While some of your employees might be using some cloud style systems, most have not.

That is about to change. The introduction of Apple’s iCloud will create a tipping point that will have a profound impact on consumer software and services. Soon employees will become used to having access to all their stuff everywhere and instantly. They are going to want the same access to their work environment.

Like it or not, where Apple goes, everyone else eventually follows. Apple has been a trend setter in the industry for years.  While most of their products are targeted at consumers over time these changes all make their way into business.  From the graphical user interphase on your computer to the new tablet or smartphone that you are holding have been influenced by Apple.

Apple has just introduced an attractive cloud system for a whole range of things consumers care about.  It is the comprehensiveness and elegance of the iCloud system that will unleash a tipping point.  Documents, photos, email, contacts, calendars–users will get used to moving fluidly between all of them on different devices.  And as soon as your employees become used to things acting this way, they’ll start actually expecting things to act this way. And when that happens, if your company does not offer these same experiences you might start loosing attractive candidates.

As a company if you have not started the conversation about how you are going to start transforming your legacy data system, it is time to start.  The consultants at Valor Global would be happy to sit down with you and conduct a baseline overview of your system and help you with this transition.

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