Dream Manager Program

All it takes is a dream

The Dream Manager Program is designed to help Valor Global employees put together a plan of action to achieve their dreams. Our employee submits their dream to the Dream Manager who will then assist them to develop a path towards their dream come true. This is done through coaching, encouragement, and regular meetings with the dreamer and the Dream Manager. The pair works together to ensure progress is being made and the dreamer is accountable for the steps required to achieve their dream. 

But, the dreaming doesn't stop there! Once the dream comes true, the Dream Manager mentors the dreamer to achieve even bigger dreams.


We at Valor Global strongly believe that the absolute best way to transform a company is to commit to the success and growth of our people. Regardless of industry, the size of a company, the best way to engage with talent is to create a healthy culture. In addition, we believe in working towards a common goal together, and to do so, we must help achieve personal and professional dreams.


Dreams Come True



The Dream Manager helped a Valor Global employee reunite with his sister after 21-years!


Passion for Music

A dreamer expanded her urban arts program with help from the Dream Manager.


Rally for a Cause

Valor Global sponsors an Arizona employee to walk for Autism, a cause close to his heart.


Education Matters

Valor Global Costa Rica employee dreams of opening school in African village to expand educational opportunities.

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