Dream Manager Inspires Dreamer to Dream Even Bigger

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“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is a reality.” – John Lennon

A transplant from California, Aaliyah works full-time at the Valor Global Phoenix office while pursuing her law degree. She’s a very busy woman with places to go, people to see, and dreams to achieve. She has a passion for music: playing music, listening to music, creating music, and creating opportunities for others to discover their passion for music. This passion is her drive. She thinks it, she speaks it, she sings it, and Aaliyah might even say she breathes it.

A Dream is Born

After attending the Litchfield Park Jazz Festival in 2014, Aaliyah was looking forward to attending the annual event again in 2015. She loved the atmosphere of the event, the vibe, the people, and the link to urban culture that she had been craving since moving to the valley. She craved the diversity that the outdoor festival had provided and couldn’t wait to return. After searching through websites and event calendars, Aaliyah soon discovered that the Jazz Festival had been cancelled due to a problem with the promotor (think Fyre Festival without the celebrities). 

Knowing that the Jazz Festival was not only popular, but resonated with a lot of people, Aaliyah decided to take matters into her own hands.  She decided to not only continue to find a way to ensure that the vibe of the Jazz Festival was able to continue, she wanted to elevate.  Instead of just jazz music she yearned to add urban flair, various music genres, and film.  After much thought and discovery, the Soul West Fest was born.

Dreaming Takes Hold

Aaliyah and a few community members poured their heart and soul into the first Soul West Fest. Described as “Coachella meets Sundance,” Aaliyah and crew invited all age levels to the event, while devoting energies to local non-profits, creating social platforms, marketing efforts, and collaboration with other like-minded people and businesses.

Soul West Fest launched with what could be considered a success: it had music, it had film, it had art. But one and done wasn’t her deal. Aaliyah went on to successfully hold a second event and when it was time to start the planning of her third, she knew she was ready to expand, but to do so would require some help.

The Dream Manager

What Aaliyah had was a dream. While she had successfully launched her dream, it was time for that dream to continue and prosper into a new path. So, she decided to contact the Valor Global Dream Manager Program. Upon first meeting, she knew that she had found the help she so desperately was dreaming of.

After sharing her dream with the Dream Manager, the Dream Manager thought the best way to help Aaliyah expand on her dream was to get increase awareness, gain additional volunteers and locate additional sponsorship opportunities. The Dream Manager mentored Aaliyah through her needs including reviewing and editing grant submissions and suggesting local entities that would be willing to sponsor such a wonderful program. Noting that the event was in-line with Valor Global’s support of local and global philanthropies, the Dream Manager also sponsored five children to attend the event at no cost.

Dreaming Continued

Now, Aaliyah meets with her Dream Manager on a bi-weekly basis. Together, they chat not only about the updates on Soul West Fest but overcoming challenges and celebrating successes together. The Dream Manager helps hold Aaliyah accountable while also praising her for all her efforts. She doesn’t let Aaliyah get down on a roadblock but helps her find a way to knock those down so that her third Soul West Fest will be the large, upscale event she is dreaming of. In the future, the Dream Manager hopes to support Aaliyah in purchasing a real estate space to further increase her footprint and grow her non-profit to new heights. Aaliyah’s ultimate goal is to book Beyoncé as a headliner one day and because of the support of her Dream Manager, it just may happen.

The Dream Manager

The Dream Manager Program was created to help employees dream again. Through support, mentorship, and accountability, employees can submit their dream to the Dream Manager Program to find new avenues to achieve even their wildest dreams. Linking their job today with their dreams of tomorrow, the Dream Manager builds a bridge between our employees and their future.

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