Cutting edge way to reduce turnover

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How to reduce employee turnover in an entry-level organization, while caring for your people and staying true to your values.

The T word can strike terror into the heart of any HR executive. That’s right – Turnover. Companies have attempted to stem turnover rates in a variety of traditional ways – comprehensive benefits packages, health care, short- and long-term disability, paid-time off, and 401k plans. At Valor Global, we approach and address turnover by subscribing to the most core value of our company – being passionate about making a difference. The belief and commitment to this core value led to the creation of an entirely new and unique position in the company- the Dream Manager.

The Dream Manager

Wait – what? That’s right, we at Valor Global proudly have a position on payroll with the title of “Dream Manager,” whose one and only job description is to make our employees dreams come true. From an entry-level employee, to our management team, to our CEO, the Dream Manager meets with our dreamers to create and implement a plan to achieve their simplest and wildest dreams. All the employee needs to do is allow themselves to dream again, submit that dream to our Dream Manager, and she’ll work her hardest to find the necessary resources to ensure they can realize it. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

The Inspiration

The Dream Manager Program, based off a book with the same title by Matthew Kelly, is a call to take us back to our most junior of days when time was a commodity and we dreamt our days away. In our youth, our dreams were big – to be an astronaut or Ballerina – and small – to eat ice cream for breakfast and candy for dinner.  As adults, we’ve lost that same sense of dreaming even though our wants are just as valid as they were in our childhood. The Dream Manger re-opens the possibility of dreaming again. Giving those that need it, the support to make those dreams become a reality.  

Kelly’s Dream Manager highlights the case study of a janitorial company that struggled with high turnover in what is considered entry level employment. The Dream Manger Program transformed the business and company morale so drastically that they went from a 120% annual turnover rate to zero in just five years. While this isn’t the goal, as small turnover can be a very healthy component of business, the Dream Manager became a benefit that every employee and executive didn’t know they needed.

Failure Isn’t an Option

This program isn’t just about making dreams come true, our Dream Manager assists with basic life principles of goal setting, money management, accountability, and learning to thrive rather than only survive. “People don’t fail because they want to fail, they fail because they don’t know how to succeed” (Kelly, 37).  Ultimately, our employee’s success is our company’s success. If you’re willing to invest in your growth as an organization, you should be willing to invest that same strategy into your people.

Recruiting New Talent

While we are still in the beginning stages of the Dream Manager Program locally, we are already seeing an increase in both recruitment of talent and retention. Potential employees are intrigued that a company would assist them through a process that maybe even their education leaders weren’t equipped to create for them. They want to learn to achieve and we’re here to do that for them in the simplest, most attainable form.

Success Stories

Some of Valor Global‘s most recent dreams include the reconnection of a long-lost sister to who a brother whom originally thought her to be deceased, a woman with a dream to create a non-profit event to support the arts for urban children in her community, an employee in need of counseling after dealing with tragedy, the dream to open a school in the African village an employee was born in, to improve physical and mental health of his team through the training and completion of an athletic team, and so, so much more.

The Future is Now

If you want to reduce your employee turnover, hire yourself a Dream Manager and implement the Dream Manager Program into the culture of your business. Connect with your employees in a way that is professional and progressive, but also allows them to feel seen, heard, and valued without any judgement. And while you’re encouraging their dreams, give yourself the grace to start dreaming again.  As said by Eleanor Roosevelt, “the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

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