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We believe having a truly transformative company means being committed to the success and growth of our people. We carry out that commitment through a foundational set of philosophies and programs focused on helping our employees achieve their dreams. That’s the Valor Way.


Servant Leadership. Our leadership focuses primarily on empowering and uplifting our people, serving them in any way we can to contribute to their growth and wellbeing.


Leadership Academy. We invite our top-performing candidates to join our Leadership Academy, where they are trained on standard work, problem solving, process improvement, conflict resolution, culture and other areas to help advance in their careers.


LEAN. Our LEAN methodology provides a continuous improvement environment, where we streamline processes in order to help maximize our team’s time and value contribution.


Conscious Capitalism. We have a purpose beyond profit, focusing on conscious leadership, conscious culture, and stakeholder orientation. We action these beliefs through our commitment to our people as well as giving back to our communities.


We have team members at different stages in the continuum. Each stage brings unique challenges and we are committed to being there as their partner at every step of their journey.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Helping Hands

Helping Hands helps team members in need of basic necessities. Employees can donate to the program fund from their paycheck which Valor matches dollar-for-dollar. Team members experiencing life hardships apply to receive relief. Then an employee-based committee reviews the applications and determines how the funding is distributed.

Care For Communities

We are committed to the communities where we live and operate. Both as a company and as individual contributors, we give back through monetary and volunteer hours to help those in need and support local and global organizations focused on making a measurable impact.

Dream Manager

We pair employees (“dreamers”) with Dream Managers to build and execute a plan of action to help the dreamer achieve their dreams. Through coaching, encouragement, and regular meetings, the pair works together to ensure progress is being made and keep the dreamer accountable.