Company helps reunite refugee with long-lost sister

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This is the true story of a dream come true. Michael is a Valor Global employee in Costa Rica and is the Founder of the Lord Will Provide, a non-profit that connects ministers and pastors across the world. He is a former professional soccer player (for the Costa Rican National Team), a Valor Global manager, and a refugee.

A Country Torn

Michael was born and raised in Sierra Leone, a country on the southwest coast of Africa.  A talented and gifted athlete, Michael was recruited to play soccer for the Sierra Leone Futball Association (SLFA), the Mighty Black Pool, in high school. Knowing this was a unique opportunity, Michael Tommy left his home to pursuit his passion. Little did he know, this separation would be the final good-bye for some of his family members, but not for all.

During Michael’s childhood, his home of Sierra Leone was an independent country. This abruptly changed in 1991, when rebels invaded disrupting peace and engaging in a brutal civil war. The Sierra Leone Civil War lasted eleven ugly years, finally coming to an end in 2002.  Once a beautiful, simplistic country, the war made Sierra Leone an unsafe place to live. Tearing families apart, many residents were forced to go to extreme measures to escape their beloved homeland.


In 1999, an ugly fight broke out between rebels and town authority in Michael’s hometown. Amongst the fight, were those of police and ministry. Over 300 lives were lost, and hundreds injured including that of the local police station after a bomb hit and attacked those inside. Due to multiple sources and an over-abundance of evidence, the Tommy family was led to believe that their beloved daughter and sister, was among those deceased. A proud police officer, Amie Tommy, was mourned by many.

At the time, Michael was a 19-year old boy in the capitol at the time playing soccer. He paused everything, leaving his team for a period to be with those he loved and commemorate his sister’s death. Per the family’s religious practices, they held a 40-day ceremony to honor the loss and allow time to grieve.

A New Life

Post ceremonies, Michael moved to Guinea to escape fighting and continue pursuing his love for soccer. From there, he progressed his athletic career from Yugoslavia to Belgium and finally landing in Costa Rica. Post-soccer career, Michael Tommy gained a position working for Valor Global, where he still is today.

Hope Ignited

In 2014, Michael received a call from his friend Joe that he had seen his sister while working at a super market in Pennsylvania. Immediately, Michael assumed he was referring to another sister, but Joe disagreed. Michael gently reminded his friend that Amie had passed in the police bombing of 1999. Joe was insistent. He was absolutely positive that he saw Amie and promised that if he saw her again, Michael would be the first to know.

Two days later, Michael received a call from Joe. “I saw your sister again.” Michael still could not believe it. It was impossible for her to not only be living in the United State, but to be alive. Michael needed more evidence and asked again if he could somehow find confirmation that it was indeed her. Michael suggested to Joe to ask a question that only Amie would know the answer. If she answered correctly, this would confirm her existence.

Two weeks later, Joe called and said he had talked to Amie and had her number. Michael became weak in the knees. She was alive, she was well, and he had her contact information. Michael was overwhelmed with joy and sadness. Happy to know that she had survived the bombing, but oh so sad, that they had missed out on precious years together.

Alive & Well

Amie was alive and well, living in New Jersey. She had escaped the bomb attacks and had gotten to the United States on a refugee visa through the United Nations.

Their conversation was a bittersweet reunion filled with tears and gasps of astonishment to learn that each was alive. Like Michael, Amie had thought that her brother had also passed. While she was wrong, unfortunately, other members had passed. Amie was devastated, beginning to fully grasp all that she had missed in their time apart.

The Dream Manager Program

Michael and Amie couldn’t wait to see each other in person, but unfortunately, both siblings did not have the means to purchase a ticket and have a full reunion. As faith would have it, Valor Global Costa Rica was beginning to establish the Dream Manager Program and Michael knew this was his only path to get the reunion he had been dreaming of.

After submitting his story to the Dream Manager Program, Michael Tommy received contact from the Dream Manager that Valor Global Costa Rica wanted to help his dream come true. “We can make your reunion happen, we love you, we love this story.” With company backing, Michael was able to get his Visa costs covered, plane ticket paid-for, time-off, and paid vacation time.

The company and Dream Manager were more than happy to be a part of his story. Two roads diverged in a yellow road, Michael chose to take the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference.

“Michael’s life could have been vastly different, but he took an alternative path and we, as a company, commend him. That’s why we chose to support this dream whole-heartedly. ”

Vicki Mayo, Chief Marketing Officer


 After 21-years apart, Michael was on a plane to reunite with his sister. Every emotion was surging through his body. He didn’t sleep, eat, or drink, as all he could focus on was the reunion he had been dreaming of, for so long.

When Michael got off the plane, he couldn’t believe his dream was officially a reality. There was his sister, in the flesh, alive and breathing.  At first, she didn’t recognize him, remembering him as just a skinny, short guy. But after years of dedicated athleticism, Michael was tall, muscular, and had grown into a handsome and mature man. She saw his eyes and she knew it was her Michael.

They ran to each other, embracing, as they both let go of their pent-up emotions. Crying large crocodile tears, releasing overwhelming sounds of gratitude and relief, as they still couldn’t believe they were together after so long. On-lookers stared, wondering if the interaction was of happiness or sorrow. Soon, airport security came over, including a police officer, to see what the commotion was all about. Upon learning their heartfelt story, police shook their hands and offered to escort the sibling’s home. With a car of their own, they both respectfully declined.

A Dream Come True

Michael and his sister spent all of their  time together. They shared stories, they gave updates on each other’s lives, and they did their best to make up for the 21-years that time kept them apart. Today, Michael and his sister are the best of friends. They talk and communicate regularly through Skype, keeping each other updated on everything through-out the day. With all the things they missed, they refuse to let another thing separate them. Michael is beyond grateful for the Dream Manager Program. “I am so grateful for Valor Global making my dream of reuniting with my long-lost sister a reality. Meeting her in person after so many years, was truly a dream come true. I would do anything for this company and because of their dedication to me, my success, and my emotional well-being, I give them (Valor Global) nothing but the very best.”

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