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Will You Be Part of the Healthcare Revolution?

With the vast changes in the healthcare field – combined with the breakneck pace of new technology being developed – it’s enough to make even the most seasoned leaders in the healthcare industry dizzy. However, the intersection of healthcare evolution and technology advancement presents an unprecedented opportunity to change the face of patient care as…

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Four Areas for Managing IT Success in the Cloud

As the IT industry continues its rapid pace of evolution, businesses are increasingly relying on cloud-based infrastructure for managing and deploying their technology. Managing technology and applications as a hosted solution frees both the software developers and businesses alike from the requirement of purchasing costly infrastructure. Companies that no longer want to make capital investments…

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3 Pitfalls to Avoid in Your Service Desk Strategy

Rising Customer Expectations Mean Service Desk Pressures Customers expect a lot from service enterprises today. They not only expect an innovative and affordable product, they expect prompt and responsive assistance after the sale, especially from a customer relations service desk or help desk. Service desks fulfill a variety of roles in different businesses. Typical service…

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New Customer Care Outsourcing Resource

Today, with the global economy moving towards growth mode and competition continuing to heat up in nearly every industry, companies are seeking new ways to create a differentiated customer experience. Outsourcing drivers are now more often tied to strategic business initiatives, and to helping deliver value-added activities such as customer retention, multi-channel management and customer analytics. These new value-added specialties not only…

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What is Hybrid Outsourcing & Why Should You Care?

I’m sure you’ve heard the adage that one of the keys to investing is diversification. Well, the same can be said for outsourcing. The three types of outsourcing – nearshore, offshore and onshore – all have specific benefits and each option is typically associated with expertise in certain skill sets based on the training available…

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What’s the True Cost of Operating Your Service Desk?

What does a service desk or help desk really cost to operate? Is it really a cost effective endeavor for organizations whose core competencies are focused on other areas? How does turnover and training impact your overall cost structure? If you’re choosing between operating a service desk in house or outsourcing it, how can you…

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Top Considerations in Hiring a Service Desk

Hiring a Service Desk

So, you are now at the point of hiring a service desk to take advantage of the scalability, access to quality staff and increased efficiency an outsourced service desk will provide. Now that you’ve made the decision, there are a few important considerations to help you choose the outsourced partner that will set you on…

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