Care for Communities Initiative

Support of local and global philanthropies through volunteerism.


Our families at the Cambridge House were extremely thankful for the time your staff took to prepare a hot meal for every one after a stressful day. 

~ Ronald McDonald House of Central & Northern Arizona

It was wonderful to see a girl scout receive a Higher Achievement Badge because of our donations.

~ Bernadette Thies, Communities Director at Valor Global

It feels good to work for a company that donates its time and resources to those in need.  

~ Jana Randall, Social Media Coordinator at Valor Global

Thank you for volunteering with Feed My Starving Children! The meals you packed will save lives around the world. All progress starts with food. 

On behalf of the world's undernourished children, thank you once again!

~  Mark Crea, Executive Director/CEO
Feed My Starving Children