Care for Communities: 2018 – 2019 Corporate Philanthropy Report

At Valor Global, we put our purpose at the head of our business. We have a long-standing allegiance to not only our customer and our clients, but also to our community. One of our main pillars in our mission statement is the commitment to supporting local and global philanthropies. We exercise this mission through our Care for Communities Initiative in our devotion to Corporate Philanthropy.

Putting our people and our community first is our way of making a long-lasting impact on those around us. We are passionate about making a difference, inside and outside of our four walls. We make a difference in our community through volunteerism, monetary donation and fundraising, as well as ensuring we hire all talents – regardless of background or sexual identity.

This is why we have chosen to share what we have done for our community both locally and globally in our 2018 – 2019 Corporate Philanthropy Report.

As we grow our company and our people, we will continue to invest our time and efforts into our community. For when our community thrives, so do we.

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