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The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just a little "extra"

What We Do

Extraordinary experiences don't happen by chance. They are the result of a positive culture that breeds accountability, innovative approach to solutions, commitment to continuous improvement and an alignment between systems and processes to transform the business from ordinary to extraordinary and provide a competitive edge.

Valor is the global leader in Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), employee retention providing Call Center solutions to our customers around the globe.

Call Center Solutions

Our LEAN approach to customer care solutions begins with clearly understanding the business problem that we are trying to solve. This ensures a proper roadmap and deliverables quantified with Key Performance Indications (KPI’s) that ensure that milestones are met. 

Tech Support

Valor is an award-winning and industry leader in providing support solutions including service desk, tech support, and customer care solutions delivered 24/7 from US, Costa Rica and the Philippines. We are expert at owning the process from start to resolution and can provide each tier of support including Level 0 to Level 4 to ensure extraordinary customer satisfaction and first call resolution.

At Valor, we believe in Servant Leadership and Conscious Capitalism and believe that a well-aligned higher purpose positions people for success. Any company is only as strong as the culture and core values that its people believe in and live each day. By recruiting, retaining and developing self-motivated and inspiring people we ensure that we are able to provide extraordinary solutions to the customers.

Valor is fully vested in your success. Our culture, core values, industry leading low attrition, LEAN and Agile methodologies provide our customers access to a global infrastructure and a team of 1,000+ employees with enterprise systems and processes without the bureaucracy and red tape; our leadership team is accessible and available. Our organization prides itself on the ability to remain responsive and flexible to your business needs. We are a top performer with our clients with a successful track record in outperforming our competition.